Data e botimit të ardhshëm të Mikromobilitetit u azhurnua

From October 24, 2023 until October 25, 2023

Konferenca e Mikromobilitetit | Rezervoni Biletat Online

The 2023 Micromobility conference has unfortunately been cancelled. Click here to read the complete announcement. If you're interested in organizing a future Micromobility Conference, please contact us. These are just a few of the highlights for 2022. Why bike lanes won't make everyone cycle. Speed limits of 30km/h as a catalyst for active transportation.


Lena Huda will present strategies and actions to help the community understand and accept the importance of lowering speed limits in urban areas. Lena Huda will discuss examples of partnerships, media, and social media strategies.

Simple but clever road modifications are improving the safety of streets near schools. Liz Irvin, a transport planner, will show how simple kerb extensions called modal filters are improving and reducing traffic flow to make streets near schools safer.

Shared micromobility offers a unique way to address a number of issues that are common in many cities across Asia Pacific, including congestion, carbon emission, transport equity, and economic activation, all for little or no cost to the ratepayers.

Recent years have shown that this comes with its own challenges.

Dan Barr, the head of Better Cities Group's consultancy, will examine a trend that is emerging among cities which are just a few years in their micromobility journey. This trend involves collaborating with leading share services providers for mutual benefit.